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Giấy phép mới cho các giải pháp của PTC * chỉ có sẵn khi đăng ký ở Bắc Mỹ và Châu Âu. Khách hàng có thể tiếp tục sử dụng giấy phép vĩnh viễn hiện có và gia hạn hỗ trợ cho các giấy phép vĩnh viễn đang hoạt động.

Q. What is PTC Subscription?

A. Subscription is a way to access PTC software licenses in a pay-as-you-go model rather than by one large upfront license purchase. During your subscription to PTC software, you’ll also get:

* New releases, ongoing maintenance and security updates to keep you up and running

* Ability to change capabilities so that you can access only the software you need, when you need it

* eLearning content on demand to access training and improve your skills at your own pace

* Assisted support with remote desktop diagnostics from certified and multi-language support engineers, and eSupport

* Smart connected and proactive support to pinpoint problems sooner, see trends, and operate more efficiently

Q. Can I continue to use my existing perpetual licenses?

A. Yes, customers can continue to use existing perpetual licenses, receive new releases and other support entitlements, and may renew support on all active licenses. You can also convert those active, perpetual licenses to subscription or add new subscription licenses anytime.

Q. Is PTC Subscription available for all products in all regions?

A. Yes, all products across all regions are available as PTC Subscriptions today.

Q. Is there a difference in features and bundling between perpetual and subscription offerings?

A. Compelling new products, features, and capabilities are being added all the time which are available exclusively by subscription.

Q. Do I own the files I create using my subscription licenses?

A. Yes, you always own the files and data you create using PTC Software.

Q. Are subscription offerings available in the cloud or on-premise?

A. Many of PTC’s subscription offerings are available both on-premise and in the cloud. While customers are increasingly enjoying the added scalability of cloud deployments, you get to choose which type of deployment makes the most sense for your business.

Q. Am I allowed to own and use perpetual and subscription licenses at the same time?

A. Yes, and you can also add new subscription licenses to an existing perpetual deployment.

Q. Do I have to be connected to the internet to use my subscription licenses?

A. No, on-premise installations of subscription licenses do not require an internet connection to use.

Q. With PTC Subscription, is my existing perpetual license contract still valid?

A. Yes, PTC will always honor contractual obligations and is committed to supporting all of our customers.

Q. What if I forget about my subscription renewal date?

A. PTC will keep track of your subscription term and will begin reminding you 120 days prior to your renewal date.

Q. Is there a minimum number of seats required in a subscription?

A. No, one of the key advantages to subscription relationships is the flexibility to commit to a lower investment up front and scale up as your needs increase.

Q. Do I have to automatically update to the newest version during my subscription?

A. No, on-premise installations do not require automatic updates and you can run any generally available prior version and update on your own schedule.

Q. Is support included with subscriptions?

A. Yes, all subscriptions include support and most have multiple levels of support to choose from.

Q. Can I change products during my subscription?

A. Yes, subscriptions offer flexible options for changing products to adapt to your evolving business needs. Please contact your sales representative or PTC Authorized Partner for details.

Q. When will I receive my invoice?

Your initial invoice will be generated on the date of fulfillment, which is the first day of service. You will receive the invoice on the following business day.

Your renewal/multi-year installment invoice will be available on the PTC Billing Portal and via the email address provided to PTC, in advance, and is due on the date specified on the invoice.

Q. How will I receive my invoice?

For most subscriptions, you can download your invoice from the PTC Billing Portal and have it sent to the email address designated in your account.

If you have yet to register for the PTC Billing Portal and would like to take advantage of this self-service platform, please access the Portal Log-in page and select the applicable “First Time User”.

Currently, invoices are available for viewing and download on the PTC Billing Portal in all but 5 regions – China, Korea, Russia, Japan and Brazil.

Q. When is payment due on my invoice?

The PTC Standard Payment Term is NET 30 days from the Invoice Date. Please refer to your contract for specific payment terms.

For renewal/multi-year installments, your payment is due on the first day of the renewed subscription service period.

Q. How should I pay my invoice?

All invoices include payment instructions – please refer to your original invoice.

In many countries, we offer the option to pay invoices using the PTC Billing Portal . Again, viewing and downloading is available in all but 5 regions. If you have yet to register for the PTC Billing Portal, please access the Portal Log-in page and select “First Time User”.

* Excludes Kepware.

For additional questions, please contact your PACISOFT Representative